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Looking to maintain your homes original beauty and design while increasing efficiency and value? Want to create a unique or professional look for your business with reliable functionality? Professional Garage Services has the knowledge and expertise to achieve that for you.
A house with two wooden garage doors and a porch.

Finding the Right Garage Door for You

With over 40 years of experience, we are happy to assist you in choosing a dependable garage door that will best fit your style and budget. Our main door manufacturers are Northcentral Door and Haas Door. Over the years, their products have provided thousands of our customers with dependable, affordable doors that provide curb appeal and value to their home or business. We also work with several other garage door manufacturers and can provide you with many different garage door options as well. Call us today for a free quote!

Custom Design Garage Doors

Looking for a custom crafted wood garage door? Whether it is a photo you saw online or something you sketched yourself, we work with a local manufacturer that can create a handcrafted door with the look you desire from start to finish.

Our Residential Garage Doors

Prestige Special Reserve

A picture of the front of a house with a special reserve.

Prestige Aspen Ridge

A picture of two white garage doors in front of a house.


A picture of the front of a garage door.

Forest Bay

A picture of a house with the words " forest bay collection ".

Custom Ridge

A picture of a garage door with the words " custom ridge doors ".

Bidirectional Woodgrain

A picture of some trees and houses with text.

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